UPD Mercedes 5Pc. Idler Pulley Set


The UPD high performance M113K 5 piece idler set will replace your stock plastic double idler pulley assemble and tensioner pulley with a high quality CNC billet aluminum machined performance pulley set. High quality Nachi bearings are used and only double metal bearings seals are used to protect bearings from heat and dirt. All our billet performance idlers have a ultra hard anodized coating.

Replace your idlers with UPD`s performance idler set today, as the stock AMG plastic idler`s, with rubber bearing seals,are known to fail from the high heat and dirty conditions under the hood.


Stock Power 469HP / 512TQ (Factory crank numbers, actually numbers at the wheels may vary.)
Gains N/A 


UPD Mercedes AMG 55k 113K 5 Pc. Idler Pulley Set


5 Idler pulleys


2.5 Hours


  • CNC billet aluminum with hard anodized coating
  • ZZ rated high speed Nachi bearings
  • Smooth and quiet running
  • Easy install
  • Made in USA and highest quality available

1 year warranty.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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