55 AMG Kompressor Tune

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RaceIQ m113k 55k amg tuning software including flashing cable and software.

Stage 1 – completely stock car, no pulley modifications and some light external modifications.

Stage 2 – any pulley combination and other external engine modifications

Stage 3 – Any pulley combination, internal and external engine modifications


Stock Power 469HP / 512TQ (Factory crank numbers, actually numbers at the wheels may vary.)
RaceIQ Tuned 501.5HP / 539TQ
Gains after Tune 32.5HP / 27TQ


RaceIQ Performance Tuning Calibrations fitted to Run on a Stock Car. We can also customize your software easily for the mods on the car. Other staged tunes are available upon request.


OBD to USB Flash Cable


Direct flash via the (OBDII) Diagnostic port of your vehicle (8 minutes using Flash cable, 2 minutes using My Genius).


  • Dyno Tested
  • Instant power gains
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Top Speed Guvnor removed
  • Custom dyno tuning and remote tuning Available!
  • Optimized timing and fueling maps
  • Flash tune within the comfort of your home

All RaceIQ ECU Calibrations come with a limited lifetime warranty against software defects, including free update reflashes to the original purchaser if there is an issue related to tuning. Labor and shipping are not included in the warranty and this is also left up to the installations facility used as well. Tunes are non refundable once tune has been emailed. This also does not cover updates related to modification updates, there is a $30 fee for those updates.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in
More Info

Stage 1 Reprogramming Stage 1 consists of an individual reprogramming of the engine management system of the vehicle, whereby the adjustment of the engine parameters (ignition, injection, …) is custom done on the dyno. All values of the motor parameters at this stage remain within the safety standards prescribed by the manufacturer. This stage 1 is 100% reliable, in short, more driving pleasure without worries!

Stage 2 Reprogramming with intake and exhaust optimizations For those who want a little more than stage 1, we have a stage 2 which consists of optimizing a number of elements around the engine to increase the efficiency of the engine. Primarily this is about intake and exhaust. A lot of air-intake systems are very restrictive because of their anti-resonant structure which is intended to damp the intake noise of the engine. By mounting a sports air filter or custom air intake, more airflow to the engine is allowed and we get a nice power gain. As we reach the safety standards of the manufacturer at stage 2, sometimes parts must be strengthened e.g. clutch. Each stage is indicated which parts are replaced.

Stage 3 New motor parts At stage 3 we go a step further, we are going to replace the internal or vital parts of the engine or turbocharger, this can go from increasing the cylinder capacity, placing sport camshafts, to the installation of a larger turbocharger. Sometimes there are some inherent risks to reliability, but not always. Manufacturers often build 1 basic engine block and by using a larger turbo and injectors they can build 2 capital versions. It goes without saying that in some cases you can boost your engine with original parts of the heavier version, without affecting the reliability because the manufacturer already had been anticipated.

Burple Options

None, Pops and Bangs + $35

17 reviews for 55 AMG Kompressor Tune

  1. Travis

    I have had this tune for a bit, it resolved a lot of my issues for an out of box tune. With new modifications, it has been extremely easy to get a new file from RaceIQ. these guys are awesome.

  2. Walter

    Can’t say enough about raceiq and Anthony. Best customer service I’ve had maybe EVER. Tune was spot on with noticeable gains and a better driving experience over all. Emails answered in hours not days. I’m not easy to please at all but Anthony and raceiq are my tuners for life. Serious thumbs up. I’ll be spending more money with them for sure. TCU is next.

  3. Willy Stobart

    Hi Anthony, both tunes worked a treat, much smoother shifting especially when cold. No stumble anymore in the SL55. Thanks for your help.

  4. Jason (verified owner)

    I got a tune from RaceIQ for my E55 and the results have exceeded my expectations! Mr. Lawshee went above and beyond to answer all of my questions promptly. The AMG community is lucky to have him!

  5. Patrick

    Anthony is very nice and is always responsive to questions. He made tuning from your own home a breeze.

    I mentioned I needed my tune on before the weekend. I received the tuning cable and tuning instructions from him 2 days later on a Saturday.

    Thanks RaceIQ!

  6. Jeremy

    Thank you Anthony !!! I had a lot of question and a few issues that needed worked through, I dont think my computer liked the included disc. Anthony was patient and helpfull all the way through. The tune made a big difference, it really wakes the car up!!

  7. Kyle Degenhart

    Tunes are amazing on my e55, customer service is awesome, I wouldn’t bother with any other tuner. Anthony cares about his product and his customers.

  8. Majid

    I have a 2004 E55 W211 with a 77mm pulley and supporting mods . I have the flash tune by RACE IQ. Installed it , flashed it and the car runs like a monster. Lots of low end grunt, excellent top end power and overall a very good tune.

    Highly recommend TONY and LUKAS for your tuning needs.

  9. Nathan Sandman

    Just installed my flash tune on my 05 E55 AMG and it went well above my expectations. The butt dyno says noticeable power increases at the top end and plenty of the good ol’ toque down low. Almost slid being a little bit too careless in my first corner. The AMG community is lucky to have Anthony.

    • Mujahid

      Thanks much Nathan, glad to have you apart of the RIQ Family bro. If you need anything else please let us know.

  10. Vladimir Kolombet (verified owner)

    I have to say I’m very impressed with the tune. Anthony, is awesome, I liked how he worked with me on perfecting the pops and bangs on my E55. Once you get your tune you won’t be disappointed. If I had to go with a different tuner, I wouldn’t. I could tell he did a good job because the car screams at the top of its lungs. Here’s a clip of the tune


    • raceiq

      Thanks very much for the review Vladimir, it was a pleasure for us to work with you sir. Hope to work with you on future projects as well.

  11. Jay

    Awesome customer service. I purchased ecu/tcu tune and 80mm clutched pulley. It was delivered quickly and everything went smooth with install.

  12. jejeodong100 (verified owner)

    Started with Stage 1 tune with pops and bangs. Car delivered beyond expectation and currently running 74mm pulley with RaceIQ tune and its very smooth with very good power. Special thanks to Tony for advise shared as well as very good tunes for my 05 E55. Thanks a bunch

  13. Colton Williford

    Fantastic tune! I bought through Lukas on Facebook and received an invoice for the tune the same day. Flashing was super easy, and the instructional video has more than enough info to put your mind at ease. Noticeable improvements in power output both bottom and top end. Most impressive was how smooth my car rolls into its power band. Butter smooth! You’ll never be able to find a better tune for your 55k in this price range!

  14. Kevin (verified owner)

    Anthony was real helpful in responding to questions before me purchasing this tune. I had my software and cable already. I ordered my tune in the morning and by noon he had it emailed over. My car was bone stock before but threw in a bunch of upgrades. The original company I had purchased the parts from promised free tune/retune/lifetime warranty but I was impossible to get ahold of, or they would leave my messages on read. Definitely would recommend RaceIQ to friends and others. Exceptional customer service and speed.

    As for my car, power is all there. Definitely a huge difference. I had the pops put it and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again Anthony.

  15. Arash Aslami

    Just received my stage 2 pop and bangs tune from Anthony and could not be more pleased. Anthony is an awesome guy and can’t beat the customer service you get with him and RaceIQ.
    The flash process was very straight forward and simple. I’m feeling like I’m driving a completely new car.

  16. Amr Ibrahim Youssef

    anthony ..wat can i say ..soo responsce ..i feel i had anew car…thanks soo much guys…

  17. Paweł Mizerka (verified owner)

    Car after tune runs great. Easy installation. Very good technical support from raceiq. Thank you very much Anthony

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