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4th of July sales and savings

RaceIQ 4th of July sale. Celebrating our Independence. Sale ends July 7th at midnight.

M113/ M113k/M112/M112k

ECU tuning including flash cable $249

TCU tuning (need to ship in your TCU flashing) $249

RaceIQ Street beast and Mild cams $999 Including bolts, gaskets and cam lube for installation. (cores are not included)

ECU, TCU, Any size FSP Pulley package $749

ECU, TCU any size Clutched pulley package $999

Contact us for power packages and cooling mods.


RaceIQ stage 2 Package Incl. Catless downpipes & Turbo pipes, One step colder plugs, Intake kit, Tune and My Genius $3200 RWD E/CLS only! AWD cars contact us for more information and killer pricing.

RaceIQ stage 1 or stage 2 tuning package $1299 including flasher

Contact us for cooling mods and other modifications


RaceIQ Stage 1 or 2 tuning package $1299 Including flasher

RaceIQ Stage 2 package including Catless downpipes, Stage 2 tune, Intake kit and My genius flasher $3500 for AMG GT, C63s, E63s Contact us about other models


RaceIQ Stage 1 or 2 tuning package $950 Including flasher

RaceIQ stage 2 package including Catless Downpipes and Stage 2 tune $1849

Other deals available, please contact us with your automotive needs and remember we offer other products as well and we can offer pretty good deals on those as well. We also supply the following companies products below. We also do local installs and have dealers world wide to assist as well.

UPD, VRP, Wiestec, Pure Turbo, Kleemann, Renntech, Eurocharged, Creative Steel, AEM and many more!

RaceIQ is Veteran owned!

Please contact us at or call 833-272-2347 for more information.

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Maryland Dyno Day 5-26-2018

Hey guys! Anthony Lawshee (Tony) owner of Race IQ and Trey Davis will be having a dyno day on Saturday May 26th at Freed Engineering in Millersville, MD.

Located at: Freed Engineering 8211A Cloverleaf Dr, Millersville, MD 21108

They have a very nice 2WD dynojet and are willing to let us use it for the day.

We are looking to get as many of you guys scheduled as possible, we can only fit 10 people on the dyno but we are also taking those that want to come by and get a flash and go or just to hang out.

So far signed up for dyno tuning:

  1. Trey Davis – Paid
  2. Philip – Paid
  3. Philip – Paid
  4. Tyler Kendrick – Paid
  5. Ryan Cornelius – Paid
  6. MACE MCGrath – Paid
  7. David Reilly – Paid
  8. Justin Kadish – Paid
  9. Philip Filippou – Paid
  10. George Christodoulou – Paid
  11. Clint Vito – Paid

For current Race IQ customers the rate will be $100 an hour for dyno tuning and $100 an hour for the dyno rental. With a one hour minimum. Estimated dyno time is an 1 hour to 1.5 hour per car.

A $50 non-refundable deposit will be needed to assist for Anthony’s travel expenses, this also will apply to all tunes that are not getting on the dyno as well. So you’re looking at around $250-$350 depending on how long it takes.

For new customers, it will be the $250-350 plus the initial tune fee. The price list per platform is listed below.

Estimated dyno time per car is 1 hour to 1 hour and a half.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

For deposit payments please click on link below or email Tony. This will be on first come first served basis for dyno tuning, we will also perform flash and go tuning where you do not need to get on the dyno.

Click link for pricing and information: Price Sheet

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Wanna Go Fast Event

Had a blast with out sponsored car and Craig Hawkins took home the trophy of the fastest 4 door in his CLS55 AMG this past weekend. The event was the 1/2 mile Wannagofast in Clayton Georgia. Congrats sir, next up is the 1/4 mile once the weather cools down.

Finally got the CLS55 out to an event for the first time and for what its worth it ran well. 150.1MPH we still have a few small bugs to work out and get it to the 1/4 mile to see how she runs.

If you want to know more about this killer setup contact Craig in our sales department or call 833-2RACEIQ

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RaceIQ Now offering Weistec Supercharger kits for the M113K platform

RaceIQ is now offering Weistec Tuner Supercharger kit for the M113K platform. Check out the link below for information and pricing.

Weistec M113K Supercharger Tuner System